Orion's Return Policy

Orion Printers and Parts offers a 30 day return policy on merchandise purchased through "OrionMarket.com" and orders placed on the phone. Every product return is required to have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number provided by an Orion technician.

Orion provides a limited warranty on every item purchased. This limited warranty provides repairs or replacement of merchandise (at Orion's discretion) which has been confirmed to be defective or damaged by an Orion technician. Merchandise that has been deemed defective or damaged from misuse, lack of maintenance, or unauthorized modifications are not covered under Orion's limited warranty. Please note that warranty periods may vary depending on the manufacturer or type of merchandise.

Warranty Coverage and Details:

  • New and Recertified printers are covered under manufacturer warranty
  • Orion refurbished printers come with a standard 6 month warranty. This warranty covers hardware (including the fuser) and electronics. Starter supplies such as the image transfer belts (if included) are not covered under the standard 6 month warranty, but are covered with a 30 day warranty.
  • Upgraded refurbished printers have a 1 year warranty. This warranty covers hardware and electronics only. The fuser is covered by a limited 6 month warranty. Starter supplies are covered by a 30 day warranty.
  • New products are covered by the full OEM warranty as provided by the manufacturer.
  • The warranty periods may vary based on the manufacturer and type of product.
  • Printer electronics and hardware have a limited 90 day warranty
  • Fusers have a 6 month warranty with an exception of the HP 9000 series which carry a 90 day warranty. If the fuser becomes defective during the warrantied timeframe and is not from wear and tear, the customer is responsible for shipping the fuser back to Orion. Orion will then cover the cost of shipping the replacement back to the customer.
  • IBT (image transfer belts) are covered under a 6 month warranty unless the IBT is a starter part.* Pulls and starter parts are covered under a 30 day warranty.
  • Printheads, developers, and image units are covered under a 30 day warranty.
  • New toner is covered under a 1 year warranty if deemed defective. Starter toners have no warranty.

*Please note that image transfer belts (IBT) are not covered if used with low-quality toners.

Restocking Fees:

Orion may assess a 5-20% restocking fee on a per-item basis for any merchandise returned for any of the following reasons:

  • Customer did not want product for any reason
  • Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling costs
  • Customer refused delivery of product
  • Merchandise is returned without functionality defect(s)
  • Merchandise is returned missing one or more accessories and/or components
  • Merchandise is returned and is in full functioning order
  • Serial numbers do not match.

All non-product related fees (shipping, handling, transactions, payment processing and insurance) are non-refundable.


Merchandise returned for an exchange in accordance with Orion's return policy, a replacement will be shipped within 48 hours of the merchandise's receipt. If for any reason Orion does not stock the replacement part or product, the customer has the following options:

  • Customer can wait until merchandise becomes available
  • Customer can replace with merchandise of similar or equal value
  • Customer can replace with merchandise of greater value for an additional cost
  • Customer can request a credit towards a future Orion purchase

Please note that the customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Immediate Replacement:

In the event that the replacement part needs to be rushed out we can do an immediate replacement. Customer may place an order and purchase the product again ship the defective or unwanted product back to us and wait for credit/ refund once the item is received by our warehouse and tested. The amount of the credit is determined by the condition of the product when it is returned to us. Credit amount is subject to approval.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization):

All returns are required to have an RMA (return merchandise authorization) in order to be processed by Orion's system and for a customer to receive either a merchandise exchange or refund.

RMA's can be obtained by contacting an approved Orion technician either via e-mail or through our toll-free number:
Email - support (@) orionmarket.com
Toll-free - 1-844-755-3000