HP Color LaserJet ENT M4555 MFP Printer

Error Codes and Support


[File System] device failure To clear touch “OK” Checking paper path
[File System] file operation failure To clear touch “OK” Chosen personality not available
[File System] file system is full To clear touch “OK” Cleaning do not grab paper
[File System] is not initialized Cleaning…
[File System] is write protected Clearing event log
{binname} full Remove all paper from bin Clearing paper path
{Supply} low OR Supplies low Close lower right door
{Supply} very low OR Supplies very low Close right upper cover
10.0X.Y0 Supply memory error Close stapler/stacker multi bin mailbox door
10.23.50 Close top cover
10.23.51 Cooling device
10.23.52 Creating cleaning page…
10.23.70 Printing Past Very Low Data received To print last page press “OK”
10.XX.33 Used Supply In Use Document feeder pick error
10.XX.34 Used Supply In Use EIO {X} disk initializing
10.XX.40 Genuine HP Supplies Installed EIO {X} disk not functional
10.XX.41 Unsupported Supply In Use EIO {X} disk spinning up
10.XX.70 Printing past very low Event log is empty
10.YY.15 Install {supply} Expected drive missing
10.YY.35 Incompatible {supply} External device initializing
11.00.YY Internal clock error Fax is disabled – ignoring call
13.00.00 FIM Load Error Send full FIM on {X} port
13.00.EE Flatbed cover open
13.A3.FF Fuser Kit low
13.D3.DZ Fuser Kit very low
13.E5.FF Gateways failed
13.EA.EE Gateways OK
13.EE.FF Genuine HP cartridge installed
13.FF.EE Genuine HP supply installed
13.FF.FF HP Secure hard drive disabled
13.WX.EE Incompatible {Supply}
13.WX.FF Incompatible supplies
13.WX.YZ Fuser Area Jam Initializing…
13.WX.YZ Fuser wrap jam Install fuser unit
13.WX.YZ Jam below control panel Install supplies
13.WX.YZ Jam in lower bin area Install supply
13.WX.YZ Jam in Tray {X} Internal disk device failure
13.WX.YZ Jam in Tray 1 Internal disk file operation failed
13.WX.YZ Jam inside envelope feeder Internal disk file system is full
13.WX.YZ Jam inside left cover Internal disk is write protected
13.WX.YZ Jam inside right door Internal disk not found
13.WX.YZ Jam inside top cover Internal disk not functional
13.WX.YZ Jams inside lower right door Internal disk not initialized
14.00.XX Internal disk spinning up
20.00.00 Insufficient memory: {Device} To continue touch “OK” Jam in document feeder
21.00.00 Page Too Complex Job not stapled due to mixed sizes
31.01.02 Jam in document feeder Load Tray {X}: [Type] [Size]
31.01.03 Document feeder pick error Load Tray {X}: [Type] [Size] To use another tray press “OK”
31.01.0X Loading program {XX}
32.08.AX Manually feed output stack Then touch "OK" to print second side
32.21.00 Manually feed: {Type}{Size}
33.01.XX Moving solenoid
33.XX.YY Used board/disk Moving solenoid and motor
40.00.01 USB I/O buffer overflow To continue touch “OK” No job to cancel
40.00.02 Embedded I/O buffer overflow NON HP SUPPLY INSTALLED
40.00.03 EIO {X} buffer overflow Output Bin Full
40.00.04 EIO {X} bad transmission Paused…
40.00.05 Embedded I/O bad transmission Performing Paper Path Test…
41.02.00 Error Please Wait…
41.03.YZ Unexpected size in envelope feeder To use another tray touch"Options" Printing Configuration…
41.03.YZ Unexpected size in tray {X} Printing Event Log…
41.05.YZ Unexpected type in tray {X} Printing File Directory…
41.XX.YZ Error Printing Font List…
42.XX.YY Printing Fuser Test Page…
47.00.XX Printing Help Page…
47.01.XX Printing Menu Map…
47.02.XX Printing Registration Page…
47.03.XX Printing stopped
47.04.XX Printing Supplies Status Page…
47.05.00 Printing Usage Page…
47.06.XX Printing…engine test
47.WX.YZ Printer Calibration Failed Processing duplex job Do not grab paper until job completes
49.XX.YY To continue turn off then on Processing job from tray {X}... Do not grab paper until job completes
51.00.YY Error Processing... copy {X} of {Y}
52.XX.00 Error Processing…
54.XX.YY Error RAM disk device failure
55.00.YY DC controller error RAM disk file operation failed To clear
55.0X.YY DC controller error RAM disk file system is full
56.00.YY Error To continue turn off then on RAM disk is write protected
58.00.0Y Error RAM disk not initialized
59.00.YY error Ready
59.0X.50 Error Ready {IP Address}
59.0X.60 Error Reattach output bin
60.00.0Y Tray {Y} lifting error Receiving Upgrade
62.00.00 No system Remove one print cartridge
65.X0.A1 Output accessory disconnected Remove USB accessory
66.80.YY Stapler/Stacker failure Replace {Supply}
69.11.YY Error Replace supplies
70.00.00 Error Resend external accessory firmware
79.XX.YY Error Resend Upgrade
80.0X.YY Embedded JetDirect error Restore Factory Settings
81.YY.ZZ EIO-1 Card Failure ROM disk device failed To clear touch “OK”
82.73.46 OR 82.73.47 ROM disk file operation failed
98.00.01 Corrupt data in firmware volume ROM disk file system is full
98.00.02 Corrupt data in solutions volume ROM disk is write protected
98.00.03 Corrupt data in configuration volume ROM disk not initialized
98.00.04 Corrupt data in job data volume Rotating Motor
99.00.01 Upgrade not performed file is corrupt Scanner Failure
99.00.02 Upgrade not performed timeout during receive Size Mis-Match
99.00.03 Upgrade not performed error writing to disk Size mismatch in Tray {X}
99.00.04 Upgrade not performed timeout during receive Sleep mode on
99.00.05 Upgrade not performed timeout during receive Staple Cartridge low
99.00.06 Upgrade not performed error reading upgrade Staple Cartridge very low
99.00.07 Upgrade not performed error reading upgrade Stapler/Stacker staple jam
99.00.08 Upgrade not performed error reading upgrade Supplies low
99.00.09 Upgrade canceled by user SUPPLY MEMORY WARNING
99.00.10 Upgrade canceled by user The unit has corrupt data
99.00.11 Upgrade canceled by user Tray {X} empty: [Type] [Size]
99.00.12 Upgrade not performed the file is invalid Tray {X} lifting
99.00.13 Upgrade not performed the file is invalid Tray {X} open
99.00.14 Upgrade not performed the file is invalid Tray {X} overfilled
99.00.2X Type mismatch Tray
99.09.60 Unsupported disk Unsupported drive installed
99.09.61 Unsupported disk Unsupported supply in use OR Unsupported supply installed
99.09.62 Unknown disk Unsupported tray configuration
99.09.63 Incorrect disk Unsupported USB accessory detected Remove USB accessory
99.09.64 Disk malfunction Upgrade Error
99.09.65 Disk data error USB accessory not functional
99.09.66 No disk installed USB hubs are not fully supported Some operations may not work properly
99.09.67 Disk is not bootable please download firmware USB is write protected
99.XX.YY USB needs too much power
Accept bad signature USB needs too much power Remove USB and Then Turn Off then On
ADF not detected USB not initialized
Bad optional tray connection USB storage accessory removed Clearing any associated data
Calibration reset pending USB storage device failure
Canceling USB storage file operation failed
Canceling... {jobname} USB storage file system is full
Cartridge Low Used supply installed
Cartridge Memory Abnormal Waiting for tray {X} to lift
Cartridge Out Windows Login Required to Use this Feature
Checking engine XX.YY.ZZ Scanner Failure