HP LaserJet 300 Color MFP M375NW Printer

Error Codes and Support


10.100X Supply Memory Error Jam in (area) Open door and clear jam
49 Error Turn off then on Jam in Tray 1 Clear jam and then press OK
50.x Fuser Error Load paper
52 Scanner Error Load tray {X} Press [OK] for available media
57 Fan Error Turn off then on Load Tray 1 {PLAIN} {SIZE} / Cleaning mode OK to start
79 Error Turn off then on Load Tray 1 {TYPE} {SIZE} Press OK to use available media
Black Cartridge Low Magenta Cartridge Low
Black in wrong position Magenta in wrong position
Black Very Low Magenta Very Low
Canceled scan. Clear document Manual Duplex Load Tray 1 Press OK
Canceled send. Clear document Manual feed {SIZE} {TYPE} Press OK to use available media
Communication error. Memory is low. Press OK.
Cyan Cartridge Low Memory is low. Try again later
Cyan in wrong position Memory low Only 1 copy made. Press OK to continue.
Cyan Very Low Misprint Press OK
Device error press OK No dial tone.
Device is busy. Try again later No fax answer. Canceled send.
Document feeder door is open. No fax answer. Redial pending.
Document feeder jam. Clear and reload. No fax detected.
Document feeder mispick. Reload Print failure press OK. If error repeats turn off then on.
Door open Remove shipping lock from {color} cartridge
Engine Communication Error Remove shipping locks from cartridges
Engine error. Press OK to continue. Replace [color]
Fax is busy. Canceled send. Scanner error # Turn off then on
Fax is busy. Redial pending. Scanner reserved for PC scan
Fax receive error. Scanning error Cannot connect
Fax Send error. Settings cleared
Fax storage is full. Canceling the fax receive. Unexpected size in tray # Load {size} Press [OK]
Fax storage is full. Canceling the fax send. Unsupported {color} Press [OK] to continue
Fit to Page on flatbed only Used [color] installed to accept press OK
Genuine HP supply installed Used {color} in use
Incompatible {color} Used supplies in use
Install [color] cartridge Yellow Cartridge Low
Invalid driver Press OK Yellow in wrong position
Invalid entry Yellow Very Low