HP Laserjet 9040mfp Printer

Error Codes and Support


?-2420 49.{XX}.{XX} ErrorTo continue turn off then on
{binname} fullRemove all paper from bin. 50.{X} FuserTo continue turn off then on
10.10 Supply Memory error 51.{XY} Error
10.32.00 Unauthorized supply 52.{XY} ErrorTo continue turn off then on
11. Internal clock errorTo continue touch "OK" 53.{XY}.{ZZ}Check Ram DIMM Slot {X}To continue turn off then on
13.01.00 Jam in Tray 1 55.{XX}{YY} DC Controller Error
13.01.00 Jam in Tray X 55.05 Engine Firmware RFU ErrorTo continue turn off then on
13.01.00 Jam inside right door 56.{XX} Error
13.03.00 Jam in Tray 1 57.{XX} Error
13.03.00 Jam in Tray X 58.{XX} Error
13.03.00 Jam inside right door 59.{XY} Printer Error
13.05.00 Jam inside front door 60.{X} Tray {X} lifting error
13.05.00 Jam inside right door 62 No System.
13.06.00 Jam inside front door 65.12.99 - Output AccessoryDisconnected
13.06.00 Jam inside left door 66.00.15 - External device failure
13.09.00 Jam inside front door 66.11.00 Input Device FailureTurn Off Check Connection Turn On
13.09.00 Jam inside left door 66.11.01 – Input Device Failure
13.0A.00 Jam in top output bin 66.12.{ZZ} Output accessory failure
13.0A.00 Jam inside left door 68.{X} Permanent storage fullPermanent storage write fail.
13.10.00 Jam inside duplexer 79.{XX}.{XX} ErrorTo continue turn off then on
13.10.00 Jam inside left door 80.XXX Embedded Jetdirect error
13.11.00 Jam inside duplexer 80.XXXX EIO error
13.11.00 Jam inside left door 81 Service
13.11.05 Jam in input accessory 88.XXXX
13.11.06 Pickup stationary jam Bad duplexer connection
13.11.07 Jam in input accessory Check copy connect card
13.11.08 Jam in input accessory Checking engine
13.11.09 Jam in input accessory Checking paper path
13.11.0A Jam in input device Chosen personality not availableTo continue touch "OK"
13.11.10 Residual jam in delivery area Cleaning…
13.12.{XX} Jam in finishing device Clearing paper path
13.13.00 Jam inside duplexer door Close front or left doorTo continue turn off then on
13.13.00 Jam inside left door Close right door
13.20.00 Jam inside front door Digital send server is not respondingContact administrator.
13.20.00 Jam inside left door EIO {x} Buffer OverflowTo Continue Touch "OK"
13.21.00 Jam inside front door E-mail Gateway did not accept the jobbecause the attachment was too large.
13.21.00 Jam inside left door E-mail gateway did not respond.Job failed
13.30.00 Jam in Tray 1 For help press E-mail Gateway rejected the job becauseof the addressing information.Job failed.
13.30.00 Jam inside right door Error executing Digital Send job.Job failed.
13.31.00 Jam inside front door Front side optical system error
13.31.00 Jam inside left door Hard disk not installed
13.32.00 Jam inside right door HP digital sending: delivery error
20 - Insufficient memoryTo continue touch "OK" Insert or close tray {XX}
22 - Embedded I/O buffer overflowTo continue touch "OK" Install black cartridgeThis supply is missing or not seated.
30.01.02ADF paper jam Insufficient memory to load fonts/data{device}To continue touch OK.
30.01.03Pick error LED is onTo continue touch OK
30.01.11ADF skew error Load Tray {XX}: [type] [size]Recommend move tray switch toCUSTOM
30.01.34Scan failure Load Tray {XX}: [type] [size]Recommend move tray switch toSTANDARD
30.1.06Scan failure Load Tray 1: [Type] [Size]To continue touch “OK”To use another tray touch “OK”Recommend move tray switch toSTANDARD
30.1.07Scan failure Manually feed output stackThen touch “OK” to print second sides
30.1.08Scan failure Manually feed: [Type] [Size]Touch OK to continueTo use another tray tough “OK”
30.1.09Scan failure Non-HP supply in useEconomode disabled.
30.1.10Scan failure Output bin 01 full
30.1.12Scan failure Output paper path open.
30.1.13Scan failure Performing Service Test....
30.1.14Scan failure Please turn device off and install hard disk
30.1.15Scan failure Printing engine test…
30.1.16Scan failure Reinsert duplexer
30.1.18Scan failure Replace Black CartridgeTo continue touch OK
30.1.19Scan failure RFU Load ErrorSend Full RFU on {X} Port
30.1.22Scan failure Rotating black motorTo exit press STOP
30.1.25Scan failure Scan carriage locked
30.1.29ADF output bin full Stapler out of staples
30.1.30Scan failure The print end time cannot be earlier thanthe print start time
30.1.31Scan failure The print start time cannot be later thanthe print end time
30.1.32Scan failure Tray {X} [type] [size]
40 - EIO {X} bad transmissionTo continue touch "OK" Tray {X} [type] [size]To change size or type touch “Modify”. Toaccept touch “OK”.To change touch NEXT. To use touch“OK”.
40 - Embedded I/O Bad TransmissionTo Continue Touch "OK" Unable to connect
41.{X} ErrorTo Continue Touch “OK” Use tray {XX}To change touch NEXT. To use touch“OK”.
41.3 – Load Tray {X}: [Type] [Size]To Use another Tray Touch “OK” Wait For Printer to Reinitialize