HP Color Laserjet 5500n Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

NOTE The printer cannot always determine whether the error lies with the cartridge or with the printer reader/writer. The printer cannot read or write to at least one print cartridge memory tag or at least one memory tag is missing. XX Description 00


1. Turn the printer off and then back on. 2. Swap the cartridge for the color indicated with a cartridge in another slot to determine whether the error follows the cartridge or stays with the slot. If the error follows the cartridge, replace that cartridge. Otherwise, continue with step 3. 3. Reseat the connectors between the memory PCB (J601-J605) and the antenna PCBs (J903), the memory PCB, and the DC controller PCB (J1122). 4. Replace the antenna PCB. 5. Replace the memory PCB. 6. Replace the DC controller PCB. Calibrate the printer after replacing the DC controller. See Calibrate now (HP Color LaserJet 5500 models only).

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