HP Color LaserJet 4700 Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

Printing cannot continue. There is a sensor malfunction. Values of XX are: 01 - Temperature/humidity sensor (J1010 environment sensor) 15 - Yellow toner remaining sensor (J1014 toner level sensor) 16 - Magenta toner remaining sensor (J1014 toner leve


1. Turn the printer off then on. 2. Check the connectors for toner lever sensor or environment sensor on the DC controller PCB. 4. Replace the environment sensor 5. if error persists, replace dc controller

HP Laserjet 4700 Rm1-1607-000cn DC Controller PCB

MFG Part Number: RM1-1607-000CN     Condition:Refurbished    MFG:HP


HP Laserjet 4700 Wp2-5156-000cn Environment Humidity

MFG Part Number: WP2-5156-000CN     Condition:Refurbished    MFG:HP


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