HP Color Laserjet 5500n Printer

Error Codes and Support


CPR sensor out of range

Error Description:

The CPR Sensor is not behaving properly.


1. Force a calibration by selecting Calibrate Now from the Print Quality menu. See Calibrate now (HP Color LaserJet 5500 models only). 2. If the message persists, verify the cables are seated properly and the connectors J32 (on the color registration detection unit) and J1119 (on the DC controller) are making good contact. 3. If a laser/scanner unit has recently been replaced, make sure it has been installed properly. If it is installed properly, replace it again with a new one. 4. Replace the color registration detection unit. 5. If the message still persists, replace the DC controller PCB. Calibrate the printer after replacing the DC controller.

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