HP Color LaserJet CP3525 Printer

Error Codes and Support


59.6Y ERRORTo continue turn off then on

Error Description:

A drum motor has experienced a rotational error. 􀅂 Y=0: Black (drum motor 3) (M5) (J121) 􀅂 Y=1: Cyan (drum motor 2) (M4) (J120) 􀅂 Y=2: Magenta (drum motor 1) (M3) (M4) (J120) 􀅂 Y=3: Yellow (drum motor 1) (M3) (J120)


1. Perform the drum-motors component test in the DIAGNOSTICS menu. 2. Reconnect the connectors J120 or J121 on the DC controller PCA. 3. Replace the appropriate drum motor. See Drum motor 1 on page 283 or Drum motor 2 or drum motor 3 on page 284.

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