HP Color LaserJet 9500N Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

The tray number specified by X is lifting media to the top of the tray for proper feeding but an obstruction is preventing the tray from lifting correctly. X description 2: tray 2 cassette lifter 3: tray 3 cassette lifter 4: tray 4 cassette tray 8: t


1 Check the indicated media tray for correct functionality of all of the parts. Replace the media tray if necessary. 2 Check connector J11 near the pickup motor, connector J12 near the pickup roller up/down motor, and connector J13 near the lifter motor. 3 Check intermediate connector J3001, and connector J120 on the DC controller PCA. 4 Check the connectors for the media-size detection switches J52, J54, J3076, and J3077. 5 Replace the paper pickup assembly. See “Pickup unit” on page 272. 6 Replace the DC controller PCA. See “DC controller” on page 300.

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