HP Color LaserJet 9500N Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

A residual media jam occurred in the paper path. The T2 input sensor (SR42), the fuser input sensor (SR6), and/or the fuser output sensor (PS1501) detect media when the printer doors are closed.


1 Check the paper path from the registration area to the T2 area and through the fuser. If there is jammed media, remove the ITB and fuser. Remove the jammed media. 2 Check the right side lower door area for residual media or jammed sensor flags. 3 Check the T2 input sensor (SR42), the fuser upstream sensor (SR6), and the fuser output sensor (PS1501) for correct flag movement and functionality (see “Paper-path jam sensors” on page 403). 4 Check connectors J3207 and J121 on the DC controller. 5 Check the supporting connectors to the DC controller PCA.

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