HP Color LaserJet 9500N Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

The secondary transfer roller is not installed, or there is a problem when it is lifted into position.


1 Make sure that the secondary transfer roller is installed correctly. Reseat the secondary transfer roller is necessary. 2 Defeat the front door interlocks and check the secondary transfer roller for correct up and down movement. 3 Check for continuity from the secondary transfer assembly highvoltage contacts to the high-voltage power supply. 4 Check connector J3036 on the registration motor (M11) and connector J117 on the DC controller. 5 Check FFC J107 on the DC controller to J204 on the HVPS. 6 Check the four lift arms on the secondary transfer assembly for bonds or damage that might inhibit correct movement up. Repair or replace the lift arms if necessary. 7 Check the secondary transfer clutch (CL3) for correct functionality, and check connectors J3030, J3026, and J121 on the DC controller. 8 Replace the secondary transfer assembly.

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