HP Color LaserJet 9500N Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

The cleaner is not installed or is not installed correctly.


1 Make sure that the transfer cleaner is installed correctly and that the cleaning kit is within life specifications. 2 Remove and reseat the cleaner and the toner collection bottle. 3 Open the front doors and lightly tap on the waste toner bottle. Close the front doors and check to see if the error goes away. 4 Make sure that the front doors are completely closed. 5 If the error persists, check the sensor flag mechanism in the toner collection bottle to make sure that it moves correctly. 6 Replace the cleaning kit. 7 Check connectors J1403, J1402, and J1401 on the waste sensor assembly; intermediate connector J3081; and connector J821 on the T driver PCA. 8 Replace the waste sensor assembly.

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