HP Color LaserJet 8500 Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

There is a jam in the 2,000-sheet input tray. Review “Media requirements” in Chapter 1 of this manual. Check the control panel settings for media type. See the section about paper path tests under “Aids to Troubleshooting.” {x} Description: 1 = Tim


1 Open the VTU and remove any media. 2 Verify that the paper entry sensor (PS31) moves freely. 3 Verify that the feed, separation, and pickup rollers are properly seated. 4 If the problem persists, open the VTU and override the VTU closed sensor (PS35). Perform a paper path test feeding from the 2,000-sheet input unit, and verify that the feed rollers are advancing the paper. If rollers do not rotate, verify the connections at the pickup assembly and the controller PCA in the 2,000- sheet input unit. 5 If the rollers rotate and drop down but do not advance the paper, replace the feed and separation rollers using the maintenance kit. 6 If the rollers do not rotate or do not drop down, replace the pickup assembly. 7 If the problem persists, replace the VTU, which includes PS31.

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