HP Color LaserJet 8500 Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

The printer senses a media jam in the duplexer. {x} = Description: 7 = Two-sided turnaround paper late jam 8 = Two-sided turnaround paper stopped jam 9 = Two-sided path paper late jam


1 Open the left lower cover, remove the duplexer, remove the jammed media, reinstall the duplexer, and close the left lower cover. 2 The fusing assembly and diverter assemblies can also cause duplex printing problems. Verify their operation. 3 Open the left lower cover and defeat the delivery cover interlock. Toggle the sensors at the paper exit and entrance. While running the sensor monitor test from the Service Mode Menu, verify sensors that 8 and 9 on the printer control panel indicate 1 (on) when toggled. Note: This procedure will not work if the left lower cover interlock is not defeated. 4 Replace the duplexer.

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