HP Color LaserJet 8500 Printer

Error Codes and Support



Error Description:

Tray 1 is configured for a specific media size, but the printer detects a different size being fed from tray 1. For example, the printer was expecting a lettersized page but detected that an 11-by-17 inch-sized page was fed instead. {width} = Media w


1 Verify the correct size media (width and length) are loaded in tray 1. 2 Verify the paper guides are set correctly. 3 Load the requested size media in tray 1. Or, press GO to print on the default size. 4 Verify that the media width sensor on the paper guides are working properly. 5 Reconnect connector J1701 on the tray 1 width detection PCA, relay connector J33, and connector J208 on the controller board. 6 Replace the tray 1 pick-up assembly.

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