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MFG Part Number: WG8-5624-000CN   Condition: Refurbished    MFG:

This HP WG8-5624-000CN is Genuine and works with the HP 2420, HP 2430, HP 3500, HP 3550, HP 3700, HP 4000, HP 4050, HP 4100, HP 4101 Printer series. Parts are thoroughly tested, inspected for damage & defects and guaranteed 100% fully functional.

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HP provides solutions to help you manage documents - paper, electronics, online. Whether you run a small business, a global enterprise, or a home office. HP offers high-value hardware, software, services, and solutions to help you do more, faster, more easily. These easy-to-replace parts will keep your HP 2420, HP 2430, HP 3500, HP 3550, HP 3700, HP 4000, HP 4050, HP 4100, HP 4101, HP 4200, HP 4240, HP 4250, HP 4300, HP 4345, HP 4350, HP 4550, HP 4600, HP 4610, HP 4650, HP 5200, HP 8550, HP 9000, HP 9040, HP 9050, HP Ent 600, HP M3027, HP M3035, HP M4345, HP M4349, HP M5025, HP M5035, HP M5039, HP M602, HP M9040, HP M9050, HP M9059, HP P3005 operating flawlessly.

This WG8-5624-000CN is Genuine and works with HP M3027X MFP, HP 2420, HP 2420d, HP 2420dn, HP 2420n, HP 2430dtn, HP 2430n, HP 2430tn, HP 3500, HP 3500N, HP 3550, HP 3550N, HP 3700, HP 3700DN, HP 3700DTN, HP 3700N, HP 4000, HP 4000n, HP 4000t, HP 4000tn, HP 4050, HP 4050N, HP 4050t, HP 4050tn, HP 4100, HP 4100 MFP, HP 4100dtn, HP 4100n, HP 4100tn, HP 4101 MFP, HP 4200, HP 4200dtn, HP 4200n, HP 4200tn, HP 4240, HP 4240n, HP 4250, HP 4250DTN, HP 4250N, HP 4250TN, HP 4300, HP 4300dtn, HP 4300n, HP 4300tn, HP 4345MFP, HP 4345X MFP, HP 4345XM MFP, HP 4345XS MFP, HP 4350dtn, HP 4350n, HP 4350tn, HP 4550, HP 4550DHN, HP 4550DN, HP 4550HDN, HP 4550N, HP 4600, HP 4600DN, HP 4600DTN, HP 4600HDN, HP 4600N, HP 4610N, HP 4650, HP 4650DN, HP 4650DTN, HP 4650HDN, HP 4650N, HP 5200, HP 8550, HP 8550 MFP, HP 9000HNF, HP 9040 MFP, HP 9050 MFP, HP 9050MFP, HP ENT M5039XS MFP, HP M3027 MFP, HP M3027X MFP, HP M3035 MFP, HP M3035XS MFP, HP M4345 MFP, HP M4345x MFP, HP M4345XM MFP, HP M4345XS MFP, HP M4349X MFP, HP M5025 MFP, HP M5035 MFP, HP M5035X MFP, HP M5035XS MFP, HP M601DN, HP M601N, HP M602DN, HP M602n, HP M602x, HP M603dn, HP M603n, HP M9040 MFP, HP M9050 MFP, HP M9059 MFP, HP P3005, HP P3005D, HP P3005dn, HP P3005N, HP P3005x Printers. Parts are thoroughly tested, inspected for damage & defects and guaranteed 100% fully functional.

Part Number: WG8-5624-000CN

Description: Photo-sensor (TLP1241) - Sensor flag activated

Keyword: Sensor Parts

Photo-sensor (TLP1241) - Sensor flag activated

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